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Gone, but her beauty sparkles on… Own the 49-carat Diva Necklace today! We can’t imagine Hollywood without Liz. It doesn’t matter if you remember her as the young trainer in National Velvet or the sultry Egyptian queen in Cleopatra, the violet-eyed beauty will be missed. And the silver screen sparkles much less without one of its brightest stars. Richard Burton famously showered his wife with expensive gifts. The most spectacular was the 69-carat pear-cut stone that would become the celebrated Taylor-Burton Diamond. When it went up for auction in 1969, the original Taylor-Burton Diamond sold for over $1 million. It attracted thousands of curious onlookers who lined up for blocks to get a glimpse of its rare beauty. In the end only one woman could call it her own. Today, you can remember the life and legacy of a Hollywood superstar with this stunning DiamondAura Diva Necklace. Using advanced science, our gemologists have achieved a remarkable feat by crafting an impressive 49-carat, lab-created DiamondAura� pear. It took years of lab work before our process would finally deliver a carat-weight this large (and today, most labs don’t even attempt anything over 10 carats). But as you can see the effort produced a true blockbuster. Thanks to science, you can wear an elegant reminder that true beauty can sparkle forever. Please don’t miss this opportunity. Quantities are extremely limited.