Diamond Plus™ 11 $99

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Diamond Plus™ 11
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Home & Garden
Retail Price: $99
The only cookware that deserves to be on a jewelry website! Congratulations. You are about to buy your last skillet�ever! The makers of DiamondPlus� have discovered a way to turn the hardest substance on planet into the world’s finest non-stick cooking surface. That’s right, the same precious gemstone forged over millions of years in the pressure and heat underground is now a gourmet superstar. And the geniuses behind DiamondPlus have taken those legendary diamonds out of the fire…and put them into your frying pan! It starts with the heat. The DiamondPlus skillet heats up more quickly and evenly without hot spots. Hot spots don’t only ruin dinner; they can cause permanent damage to your pan. Ordinary non-stick surfaces can’t handle high cooking temperatures and buckle under the stress. Diamond Plus pans are safe up to 500�F and guaranteed not to warp. DiamondPlus reinforces the surface of every pan using an advanced, German-engineered process using robotics and nano-technology. The application forms a virtually indestructible surface that is guaranteed not to crack, blister, bubble or peel. And because it conducts heat so uniformly, you can sear, brown, steam, stir-fry and saut� evenly and quickly. Clean-up is just a wipe away! And while you wouldn’t dare use metal utensils on some “nonstick” pans, diamond is the hardest, most durable non-stick surface in the world. Go ahead and use your metal spatula without worry. We’re so sure of the toughness of DiamondPlus cookware that we offer a LIFETIME guarantee�no wonder.