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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Secret weapon of the Greek love god Youre looking at the next big thing in gentleman jewelry. In crafting the ultimate blend of strength and style, we searched history and the heavens for inspiration. We fused the toughest materials on Earth with the classic designs of antiquity. And then we added a touch of magic and mythology. But before we describe the Diamond Fusion Ring, we need you to change your mind about Cupid. Forget about the baby with wings. Erase that image of the Roman cherub from your mind. Think instead of Eros, the rugged Greek god of love. Imagine him as a crack shot with a long bow, always ready with a full quiver. A romantic mercenary who never misses. According to myth, his legendary arrows were tipped with diamonds, which ancient Greeks believed to be splinters from distant stars. As a tribute to those powerful arrows, weve created the ultimate ring for rugged men with a romantic side. The Diamond Fusion Ring is hard to ignore. An extra wide band of polished, stainless steel gleams brilliantly on your finger while a rectangle of diamond-fused steel sparkles like a field of stars. Thousands of particles of genuine natural diamond flicker back with flashes of white light, catching the eye with every twist and turn. Rough to the touch, this unique design marks the evolution of the mans diamond ring.