Diamond Aura Tail Feather Necklace $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Shake your tail feather The blue-diamond look in a stylish Art Deco design, without the multi-million-dollar ticket. Art Deco never goes out of style. Though it first appeared close to 100 years ago, the immediately recognizable geometric shapes of the 1920s and ’30s offer such a strong look, designers are inspired to see what else is possible with those shapes. That’s how the designer of the Tail Feather Necklace described it to me. And when she showed me her idea for lab-created blue DiamondAura� stones spread in a feather-like pattern, I wanted that piece of jewelry for Stauer. Mined blue diamonds are incredibly hot right now, and those possessing flawless color and internal clarity are selling for tens of millions of dollars. The scientific precision used to create blue DiamondAura delivers that same color and clarity, so we can offer you a lot more of that multi-million-dollar look for a fraction of the cost. The Tail Feather Necklace is 10 big blue DiamondAura stones alongside 190 smaller white DiamondAura rounds, totaling seven carats of that stunning diamond look. That’s a big look for a low price and, just like Art Deco, that never goes out of style.