Dexter Glass Coasters [Set of 6] $34.95

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Manufacturer: Showtime
Category: Novelty>Coasters
If theres one thing that fans of Showtimes award-winning series, Dexter, know, its that the title character HATES messes. Despite the activities of his Dark Passenger, the kill rooms are always meticulously planned out to make sure he gets out CLEAN (despite the relatively sloppy condition of his prey). If youre one of the army of Dexter fans who host Dexter-viewing parties at your place, theres no reason for you to expect any less. Stored in a Dexter-logoed wooden box that will remind you of his trophy case, these glass drink coasters with rubberized feet will make sure your viewing guests have a good time without making a mess of your favorite tablesthus keeping your own Dark Passenger at bay for a little while longer.