Destiny Garnet Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Boy meets girl, girl gets garnet�� Love is all about finding a complement. Every ying needs its yang. But I don’t think of great couples as a pair of opposites. I think of them as bringing out the best in each other… just like the ravishing red of Mozambique garnet and the brilliance of lab-created DiamondAura�. Together these sparkling stones transform our Destiny Garnet Ring from a simple piece of jewelry into a romantic revelation! Mozambique garnet is a gemstone long prized for its deep, passionate color. There are different varieties of garnet, all share a common crystal structure, but a simple dash of chemical “;spice”; give each its own unique personality. The Mozambique garnet is a blissful union of almadine and pyrope, resulting in the deep claret color normally found only in the world’s rarest rubies. Our exclusive lab-created stones are clear marvels that burn with more fire than mined diamonds. Looking at this bouquet of crimson garnet hearts and brilliant white rounds, you get the sense that they were always meant to be together.