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Reunited after two million years Celebrate the ultimate long-term love affair with the 400-carat Destiny Amethyst Necklace I always forget our anniversary but I never get in trouble, and I owe it all to the powerful prehistoric purple of the amethyst stone. Sure, I know when our first date was, when our first kiss was, when we got married and when our children were born. Any fool can draw a red circle around a day on a calendar. But I also know that our love is more important than any single day can hold. It’s what you’d call a VERY long-term relationship � because we’ve been destined to meet since before human history began. The eons-old beauty of amethyst was first discovered some 25,000 years ago, toward the end of the Stone Age. Before that, it spent millions of years slowly forming in geodes beneath the earth. As human history progressed, Egyptian queens, Roman emperors and European royals would wear the precious stone proudly to signify their regal power. All that time, 400 carats of that same amethyst was patiently waiting for me to meet my wife, 400 carats predestined to celebrate our love. With the Destiny Amethyst Necklace, we’re offering you a way to show that your love is solid as a rock and older than human history. Are you ready for a serious long-term commitment? The stones in the Destiny Amethyst Collection have waited long enough.