Delfina Emerald & Cultured Pearl Earrings $129

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Delfina Emerald & Cultured Pearl Earrings - 24015
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $129
The Most Romantic Minute in Musical History Inspired by a musical love story, these Delfina Emerald & Pearl Earrings are a new twist on a classic composition! He was one of historys most famous romantic composers. She was a sultry Polish soprano living in Paris. It sounds like a classic recipe for love, but the attraction between Frederic Chopin and Countess Delfina Potocka was likely more artistic than romantic. Historians debate the details, but one thing remains true: they made beautiful music together. Countess Delfina was the black sheep of her Polish royal family. She preferred the opulence and indulgence of Paris at night to a well-mannered married life. In France she cultivated her intellect, her voice and a deep relationship with Chopin. She became his muse. He thanked her by dedicating his “Minute Waltz” to the young beauty. Were returning the favor by dedicating the Delfina Emerald & Cultured Pearl Earrings to both of them. Much like the whimsical piano number, our collection of cultured white pearls and vivid genuine emeralds evokes its own unique melody. Green gems add a tantalizing twist to classic pearl earrings. Its the easiest way to compose a love song that lasts a lifetime.