Deep Blue Lab Sapphire Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
The next record-breaking blue gemstone? The record for the most expensive sapphire has already been broken 10 times since the turn of the century. The most recent record-breaking blue wonder, known as the Richelieu Sapphires, sold at auction in 2013 for a pocket-book exploding $8.4 million. And all these multi-million dollar gemstones have one thing in common: a near-perfect deep blue hue. It’s a sapphire’s color that makes the super-rich envious enough to make seven-figure bids. Our lab-created Deep Blue Sapphire Ring has just the color that auction houses and billionaires would fall over each other to get their hands on. The singular 2 carat stone of deliriously deep blue was formed under precise laboratory conditions, replicating the conditions that natural sapphires are formed in, but without any of the inclusions or imperfections. We’ve also added a circle of fiery lab-created DiamondAura�. We’d love to put this rock up for auction and watch the rich raise their hands, but that wouldn’t be fair to our customers. So we’re offering it to you for this exclusive Stauer price. If you’d like to pay more than that for a similar-looking sapphire, we’d be happy to direct you to your nearest auction house….