Deep Beauty Ring $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
Category: Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Rings
Retail Price: $199
Tall tales of the deep We want you to lie to your lover. We want you to tell her you dove deep to fetch her shimmering shell pearls � deep to the bottom of the ocean, making a narrow escape from greedy pirates and then fending off frighteningly oversized sea monsters. Finally finding these treasures, before winning a death-defying race against time to reach the surface again before your oxygen supply expired. You’ll need to tell these tall tales because when she finds out you didn’t have to dive deep into your wallet for these marvels, she’s probably not going to believe you. Our Deep Beauty Ring features orbs in all their iridescent glory and will spare you a trip to the ocean’s floor. If you can’t conjure a convincing tale of sub-aquatic daring, do, at least remember to top off your oxygen with a deep inhale before she wears this for the first time � she’s going to take your breath away.