Deco Emerald Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Are you ready to rebel? In the 1920s, the Art Deco movement gave us bold, confident architecture like the Empire State Building, and even bolder, even more confident fashion choices for women. After centuries of restrictive corsets and restrained elegance, the brave young women of the Roaring Twenties rebelled. Hemlines were raised (as were onlookers eyebrows), necklines plunged deeper than they’d ever dared before, and these fashionistas made fearless statements with dramatically shaped jewelry. The Deco Emerald Ring captures the confident spirit of that glorious, forward-thinking decade. The gold-finished ring, crafted into bold, geometric shapes, is set with three magnificent Zambian emeralds. These recently discovered Zambian emeralds possess a deeper green color as their more established brothers and sisters from Brazil and Colombia, but with fewer inclusions and without the exorbitant price tag. These green beauties embrace the commitment to new ideas and the rebelling against tradition that made the 1920s famous. If you’re brave enough to challenge old ideas and make a fashion statement, then the Deco Emerald Ring will add some Jazz Age glamour to your finger.