DeBruges 14K Gold Caged Raw Diamond Necklace (5 ctw) $995

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $1495
A real diamond in the buff For centuries, rough diamonds were treasured as they were, without a hint of facet or polish. Personally, we believe they were on to something. And were not alone. Industry experts and fashionistas across the globe have commented that rough diamonds will soon “be everywhere” and our long love affair with flawless cut white gemstones may be coming to an end. All you have to do is flip through some of the worlds most exclusive catalogs to find that “rough is all the rage” (a high-end retailer recently featured a 6-carat raw solitaire for $6,000!). Our Caged Raw Diamond Necklace features a 5-carat, uncut, all-natural beauty, rough around the edges and plucked naked from the earth. You wont find any geometry here. Each precious stone is shaped exactly as nature intended, without interference from man or machine. Each one-of-a-kind raw diamond is fitted by hand into its “cage,” a criss-cross embrace of 14k gold, bead-set with 18 round, single cut diamonds, each hand set. The triangular bail is gold vermeil with 8 round, single cut diamonds, hand set. The caged raw diamond hangs brilliantly from an 18″ vermeil rope chain with spring ring clasp. Keep in mind that each raw diamond is completely different. The shape, shine and color will vary. But your Caged Raw Diamond Necklace will forever remain a reminder of the unspoiled, organic beauty of nature.