Davidoff Cigar Assortments 9-Cigar Assortment $145.35

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Davidoff Cigar Assortments 9-Cigar Assortment
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Manufacturer: Davidoff Cigar Assortments
Category: Davidoff Cigar Assortments
Retail Price: $153
A luxury lineup of nine of Davidoff’s most distinguished Dominican handmade cigars the Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment sampler selection offers an array of different Davidoff premium handmade cigars in varying shapes sizes and styles from the Davidoff’s brand’s many cigar lines. Each Davidoff premium handmade cigar within the Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment showcases the Davidoff team’s expertise in premium-tobacco blending and meticulous cigar construction while providing serious smokers an enjoyably easy way to experience the luxury that is Davidoff premium handmade cigars. While it can be difficult to decide on the best Davidoff cigar for yourself or as a gift for a fellow Davidoff fan when buying premium handmade cigars online the Davidoff 9-Cigar Assortment provides a practical and palate-pleasing solution within a sophisticated sampler of nine luxury cigars.Contains:1 Davidoff Aniversario Series No. 3 1 Davidoff Classic Series No. 2 1 Davidoff Grand Cru Series No. 21 Davidoff Mille Series 20001 Davidoff Mille Series 10001 Davidoff Millennium Blend Series Robust1 Davidoff Special Series Special R 1 Davidoff Special Series Special T 1 Davidoff Special Series Short Perfecto