Darth Vader Giant Mug $15.9900

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Darth Vader Giant Mug
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Half Moon Bay
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Star Wars Gifts > Star Wars Home & Office > Star Wars Glasses & Mugs
Taking over an entire galaxy requires an ruthless enforcement, zero tolerance for disobedience and of course, A LOT of coffee. A plain old normal size mug just isn’t going to cut it. A Sith Lord needs a BIG mug, that holds enough coffee to quench the massive thirst you get while wielding dark side powers. A Sith Lord needs the kind of mug that’s as black as his heart. A Sith Lord needs this Darth Vader mug, which is mega-sized, so you can hold enough coffee in it to keep you going all day long.