Czarina Imperial Topaz Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Your Empress is impressed What do you get the woman who has it all? That was the question plaguing those who wanted to impress the Russian Empress. Faberg´┐Ż and fancy vases she had in spades. Her dancing bears were almost as numerous as her Russian nesting doll collection. She had enough elaborate gowns to dress her entire royal court twice! But one man knew the Czarinas secret love: topaz. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Russian czarinas adored red and pink topaz, nicknaming the gem Imperial Topaz. As is the case today, pink topaz was considered the most valuable. In recognition of those of us that arent the easiest to please, Stauer is bringing back the Czarina Imperial Topaz Ring, a piece of jewelry fit for the woman who has it all. Four enhanced pink topaz oval stones create a cross thats sure to impress even an empress. The Czarina was so thrilled with her gift that the man became a private adviser to her family. If you want to hold private counsel with the Czarina in your life, forget the dancing bears and bring her some precious pink stones.