Curtiss Jenny JN-7H Classic Barnstormer $199

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The Wings of the Daredevil Take to the skies with the Jenny JN-7H Classic Barnstormer! It was the aircraft that captured America’s imagination. It was the plane that gave Charles Lindbergh his start. There’s no way to overestimate the impact that the Curtiss Jenny biplane had on American aviation. During and after World War I, Curtiss manufactured some 10,000 Jenny biplanes for military and civilian use. Originally used as a trainer during the war, it gained greater fame afterwards, and awakened the American public to the joys of aviation. In addition to sightseeing tours and carrying mail, the Jenny was THE plane of choice for barnstormers who loved to perform tricks in them. From barrel rolls and loop-de-loops to wing walking and stunt parachuting, the Jenny put on an aerial ballet the captured the heart of this country. In honor of this plane’s prestigious pedigree, we bring you an exact replica of the Curtiss Jenny JN-7H Classic Barnstormer. Crafted by Authentic Models � the top name worldwide in model reproductions – this reproduction is a true miniature of the original plane. Vividly captured in the vibrant yellow and blue coloring of the U.S. Army, this model features a fabric-covered handmade and lightweight frame. Constructed to a size of 20×31.5×7 and replicated down to the finest detail, the model includes accents of chrome, wood and wire. Without the Jenny, American aviation wouldn’t quite have the same romance that it does today. But don’t take our word for it: According to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the Jenny “;is almost synonymous with American aviation in the 1920s.”; From its historic role in American aviation to its daredevil mystique, the Jenny is a timeless, fun and antique addition that will put a unique spin on any room’s d�cor.