Cuenta Micro-Set DiamondAura Earrings $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $349
The day you stopped counting You don’t remember when you stopped counting. Few of us do. But the funny thing is, right around the time your relationship becomes something you never want to forget, you tend to stop working so hard at remembering. At first, the numbers are important. The exact day you met. Your 5-week anniversary. Your third movie together. Sometimes it feels like if you don’t catalog every experience, you might miss something. But past a point… you lose track of the numbers. Not because you stop caring, but because all the individual moments become like a sea of stars shining together. It’s the moment that a courtship becomes a life. We created the Cuenta DiamondAura� Earrings to celebrate the first time you can’t remember how many dates you’ve been on. This glittering spectacle is the perfect symbol of your ongoing love. Interwoven bands of .925 sterling silver are micro-set with over 175 luscious lab-created DiamondAura stunners, creating multiple waves of stones that shimmer and flash with more fire than “D” flawless diamonds. A blanket of light composed of millions of suns, blazing away in the night.