Cossimo Blue Murano Glass Earrings $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Set the world on fire Italian craftsman have their furnaces stoked for 700 years, resulting in amazing Murano Glass creations like our Cossimo Blue Collection We didn’t start the fire. But we’re glad it’s still burning. Few artistic creations have as long and storied a past as Murano Glass. In fact, tastes fluctuate so much that it’s almost impossible to find one style that sticks. What else in your wardrobe will still be fashionable 700 years from now? Not much. But the appeal of Murano Glass remains as hot as ever. The fires on that tiny Venetian island have been kicking since the year 1291, producing timelessly beautiful pieces like those in our Cossimo Blue Collection. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Murano glass is its ability to look cool even though it was formed in furnaces that burn at temperatures of over 5,000 degrees. And nowhere is that quality more evident than in this collection. These Cossimo Blue Earrings refresh like a spring breeze. They feature brilliant soothing blues and electric greens that shimmer and are accented by the glimmer of gold-toned beads. Alternating between abstract squares and luscious spheres, the earrings feel elegant and whimsical at the same time. Add the matching necklace and bracelet to complete the opulent ensemble. And you can rest assured that as long as the luxurious look of genuine Murano glass continues to charm; those amazing artists will keep setting the world on fire.