Corda DiamondAura & Steel Bracelet $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $79
Steel the spotlight A funny thing happens to steel when you add a little sweetness and sparkle. Suddenly it seems softer. More luxurious. Normally, its considered a tough guy metal that conjures macho images of molten orange, sparks, and anvils. Skyscrapers, tow cables and suspension bridges. But in this stunning Corda Bracelet, the manly metal has clearly embraced its feminine side. Once they realized that polished steel could look as sultry as sterling silver, high-end jewelers were quick to get on board. They paired it with precious stones and extravagantly expensive accents. Today you can see it shimmer on the wrists of the worlds most celebrated beauties. Steel has stolen the spotlight. Designers and fashionistas praise its strength and flexibility. But youll just love how the Corda DiamondAura & Steel Bracelet looks. The unique clasping cuff features three ropes of twisted, stainless steel wire capped with a sterling silver centerpiece finished in gold and set with lab-created DiamondAura rounds. Its fancier than a bangle and more flexible than a traditional cuff with two gold-finished end caps that fasten with a large lobster clasp. Make way for the “Woman of Steel.”