Copiosità Necklace $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $399
The best decision you never made For the jewelry lover who cant choose between favorites, the Stauer Copiosit´┐Ż delivers five gemstones in one. The toughest choices to make are the ones with no wrong answer. Would you prefer to own a helicopter or a private jet? A cottage on the water or a ski lodge in the mountains? Truffles or caviar? Champagne or a cellar-aged Bordeaux? Pampering yourself can be hard work when there are so many perfect options. But fear not, we have a solution. The Stauer Copiosit´┐Ż Necklace features five different luxury gemstones set together in gold-finished sterling silver. You’ll never again need to weigh the merits of one precious stone against another, because we’ve carefully arranged five of the finest into a veritable bouquet of beauty. Each piece blooms with the regal purple of amethyst, the sky blue of topaz, the verdant green of peridot, the deep red of garnet and the radiant yellow of citrine. That’s nearly five carats of good-looking decisions on every piece of jewelry. The other factor we’ve taken out of the equation is price. Our ability to go straight to the source and buy direct means we can offer these precious stones for far less than you’d think we could.