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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
How to get a positive reaction from being negative The latest rage in fashion is the idea of negative space � it’s not about what you can see but what you can’t. It’s about reading between the lines and appreciating what isn’t there, rather than what is. This deliberate highlighting of the space surrounding a focal point can be seen in clothing, manicures, and jewelry. Our Contempo Ring is an elegant example of this minimalist movement that perfectly balances shape and the space in between. Sparkling DiamondAura on gleaming platinum-finished sterling silver create an architectural statement that’s as arresting for its simplicity as it is for its elegance. When you’re playing with negative space the structured component really needs to pop. That’s why we used DiamondAura. No other stone (not even mined diamonds) possess the fire and sparkle these lab-created marvels do. An object doesn’t need to be ornate to be luxurious. Put your mark on the fashion world and add some negative space to your collection. You’re destined to get positive reviews.