Colossus Hybrid Digital & Analog Watch $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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No more Mr. Nice Watch Forget sleek and subtle, the Stauer Colossus Hybrid is one tough timepiece. Size matters. Just ask Demetrius, the unfortunate Greek general who was sent to conquer Rhodes in 305 BC. He figured that a massive force of 40,000 men, a fleet of Aegean pirates and an arsenal of wall-smashing war machines would be enough to crush the tiny Greek island. But the people of Rhodes were ready and they put up a bigger fight than Demetrius expected. They held the island, repelled his attack and sent the legendary “Beseiger of Cities” back to Cyprus with his tail between his legs. The Rhodians constructed a huge tribute to their patron god, Helios. The monument was paid for with the abandoned wares of Demetrius army and crafted from the melted-down metals of the enemys armaments. The Colossus of Rhodes was a 107-foot bronze-and-iron giant that towered over the harbor like a ten-story trophy, warning invaders that “Rhodes is tougher than you think.” You communicate the same message when you strap on the Stauer Colossus. In designing the watch, my instructions were clear. Build it as tough as a battleship and fill it full of surprises. Make it a hybrid, because it should work twice as hard as a regular watch. And make it look like a million bucks. When I put it on I want to get excited about rolling up my sleeves. Looking at the final product, Id say “Mission Accomplished.” The Colossus Hybrid Watch may not qualify as a Wonder of the Ancient World, but its still impressive. The heavy metal case features a rotating gunmetal bezel that frames the stunning analog/digital dial with markers and numerals that really pop against the bold black face. Luminous white hands and a bright yellow second hand mark analog time with a precision quartz movement and a trio of digital windows handle time as well as day, date and countdown timers. The Colossus secures with a unique folded stainless-steel bracelet that includes textured, dark-toned center links. A rugged timepiece that proves even tougher than it looks. Fits wrists 6 �”�9″. �