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Manufacturer: Stauer
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True love will knot be denied A luxurious collection that celebrates unbreakable connections The seas off the west coast of Ireland can be treacherous. Seamus knew that, but he still went out every day in his fishing boat, and didn’t come home until his nets were full. Many more able seamen than Seamus had been lost to the mighty Atlantic but, back home at the cottage, his darling Ciara wasn’t worried. That’s because, according to legend, Ciara had the strongest piece of rope in all of Ireland, and it was five miles long. Every morning, she tied one end around Seamus’ waist, and the other around her own. If Seamus ever became lost at sea, she could pull him back. And if she couldn’t pull him back, then she’d be dragged down with him. Either way, Seamus and Ciara would never be separated. Most of us have nothing to fear from the Atlantic Ocean, but we can still celebrate the things that bind us to our loved ones. And you don’t need five miles of rope to prove your love when you can offer her our Ciara’s Knot Earrings as a symbol of love that cannot be untied. Gold-finished and artfully designed in a traditional Celtic pattern, these earrings symbolizes the strength of your bond. Wearing them is the perfect way to express your commitment, and thanks to Stauer, you can get them at a price that won’t sink the boat.