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Connect with two billion followers, instantly There’s a 2,000-year-old social network that connects billions of people around the world, and it’s called Christianity. Sure, there are many different denominations but, far from being a weakness, that diversity is part of Christianity’s strength. The world saw that strength expressed so memorably on Easter Sunday, 2007, when an estimated 2 billion Christians recited the Lord’s Prayer. There were people from all over the world, speaking hundreds of different languages, all united in their belief and their faith. We celebrate the shared beliefs of all Christians, the message of tolerance and humility contained within the Lord’s Prayer, and the good works that so often result, with the Christian Unity Bangle. Made of stainless steel and finished with gold, the bangle is inscribed with both the full text of the Lord’s Prayer and a classic cross motif, so you’ll always have the prayer close at hand and will forever be united with fellow followers of Christ around the world.