Chewbacca 24 $98.9900

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Chewbacca 24
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Underground Toys
Category: Gifts > Licensed / Theme Gifts > Star Wars Gifts > Star Wars Toys > Star Wars Plush
Keep in mind, this is coming from a group of Star Wars nerds who have seen it all as far as merchandise goes… this Chewie is substantial, 24″ tall, and he has copious amounts of fur that you can pet and brush, as well as a big, super deformed head that makes him look like a poor wookiee child that hasn’t quite grown into his own body yet, and it nudges that cute-loving switch in your brain. He even TALKS? Yes! He makes a doleful growling sound when you hug his tummy. Even when you’re not buckling him in as the co-pilot of your Honda Civic, the heavy base in his feet allows him to stand up straight to greet you day after day. When we say this is one of those products that you simply can’t pass by, we mean it! Star Wars lovers–man, woman, or child, will be filled with galactic glee at the very sight of him!