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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Here’s your secret password There was no sign over the doorway; no indication that anything was going on in the shadows of St. James Alley. He knocked twice, paused, then knocked four times more. The door opened. “;Let’s ankle,”; he said to the stunning flapper on his arm. She was a knockout, her long gams exposed by her daring, too-short dress. Heads turned as she walked in, and she smiled. It was after midnight, and the joint was jumping. Our new bracelet was inspired by the biggest dance craze of the Roaring Twenties� the Charleston. The point back then was to shine � to make a scene, and for the night to come alive with light and energy � and the DiamondAura� Charleston Bracelet combines cool, Art Deco elegance with dynamic Jazz Age flair. The 7 �” rose gold-finished bracelet holds 25 dazzling, lab-created DiamondAura that blaze with light. It’s a 10-carat wealth of rose gold-finish and sparkle that captures the spirit of the ‘20s: be bright, be daring, and dance like there’s no tomorrow. With the Charleston bracelet around your dame’s wrist, she’ll look like the queen of Sheba. Now you’re on the trolley!