Chambord Garnet & Amethyst Ring $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Get your royal beauty sleep Your 5-carat dream come true genuine amethyst & garnet gems in gold-fused sterling silver! There’s no more opulent room in any palace than the master bedchamber. You can’t very well be a king or queen and just rest your head on any old cotton pillow. You need fabrics like silk and velvet. You need colors like deep, warm burgundy and decadent purples. And everything should be resplendent with woven golden details. But if you don’t have a personal fabric specialist to dote on your every need to ensure your slumber is as sumptuous as possible, then I suggest you slip into our Chambord Garnet & Amethyst Ring. This ring is named for the Ch�teau de Chambord, the dwelling of King Francois I, and one of the most lavish examples of French Renaissance architecture ever constructed. In that Ch�teau is the bedchamber of all bedchambers, fashioned specifically for the king. We crafted this ring for you, with the kind of attention to detail usually reserved for royalty. You’ll love showing off its alternating rows of shimmering, faceted garnet and amethyst rounds. The whole piece totals 5 1⁄3 carats of the glimmering gems, and between the shine of the stones you’ll find stunning sterling silver rope-work that’s been layered in 14K yellow gold. It’s an opulent accessory guaranteed to make your dreams come true.