Castillo Bracelet & EarringsSet $249

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $648
Keep your eyes on the emeralds Indulge her with 40 carats of natural emerald elegance with the Castillo bracelet and earrings set! Alone at the Hong Kong hotel bar. I sit and stare at the skyline and the city below. Everything looks quiet from forty stories. Thought I was alone, but it turns out I have company. She gives me a wave from across the room and carries her cocktail over. Her eyes look like magic, the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen until her emeralds hit the light. Draped across her bare skin, they sparkle like fallen stars. Suddenly the brightly lit glass towers across the harbor seem to dim. All I see is green. Her emerald bracelet and earrings shimmer and the sterling silverwork winks back. Uh-oh. She picks a seat at the bar and peers at me over the rim of her glass, “Youve been looking for me?” Im flustered. “Yes I have,” I say. Turning to the man behind the bar, I order another round. When I turn back around, shes gone. But the emeralds are there with a note on a napkin. “There are more where these came from. Call me.” I smile. The bartender shrugs and smiles back. Then the alarm goes off. I always hate when a dream that nice ends so suddenly. My search for exceptional emerald earrings and bracelet are never that easy. But today, Stauer has made your search even easier. Talk about an emerald dream come true!