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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Famous lover offers gift advice Every bead is different, every necklace is unique! Giacomo Casanova stood amidst the streets of Venice, a necklace of the finest glass beads dangling from his slender right hand. The fabled lover used his sophistication as his most powerful tool in pursuit of women, and picked only the most thoughtful and poignant gifts to show his appreciation. Casanova undoubtedly encountered the highly skilled glassmakers while at some high society party, or while out on the prowl. Perhaps there was a noblewoman at the forefront of the great lover’s mind, and he walked away with a beautifully crafted necklace in his hands. Take a page out of this famous Latin lover’s book of romance with our Casanova Necklace. It brings the splendor of the first bottle of wine shared over conversation that let you know it was more than just a spark that brought you two together. We went to our finest glassmakers far and wide to create a necklace inspired by the one he’d have held in his hand that late night. From the smooth wine-colored glass beads polished to perfection, to the intricate filigree metal beads meticulously crafted and spaced between them, she will fall for its elegance and simplicity.