Carnaval Emerald Bracelet $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Brazil expedition uncovers thousands of carats of natural emeralds Brandish a whopping 50 carats of genuine South American emeralds in a handcrafted new bracelet design Halfway into our ambitious trek through the rain forest I had to remind myself that Nothing good comes easy. These days it seems that every business trip to Brazil includes a sweltering hike through overgrown jungles, around cascading waterfalls and down steep rock cliffs. But our gem broker insisted it was worth the trouble. To tell you the truth, for the dazzling emeralds he delivered, Id gladly go back to stomping through jaguar country. Now our good fortune is your great reward. Dont miss this rare opportunity to own an impressive 50 total carats of genuine South American emeralds. Faced with this embarrassment of riches, our designer transformed this spectacular cache of large stones into a stunning 50 total carat bracelet of faceted emeralds set into .925 sterling silver. Each emerald is surrounded by delicate sterling silver rope work and filigree in the Bali-style. The 8″ bracelet dangles from a sterling silver chain that fastens with an S clasp. What is the source of our emeralds timeless appeal? The enchanting color of the Stauer Carnaval Faceted Emerald Bracelet come from natures chemistry. Our polished and faceted, well-formed natural emeralds are immediately recognized as something special. Indeed, when we evaluated these emeralds, color was the most important quality factor. Today, scientists tell us that the human eye is more sensitive to the color green than to any other. Perhaps that is why green is so soothing to the eye, and why the color green complements every other color in your wardrobe. Emeralds are, by weight, the most valuable gemstone in the world. Now you can wear genuine emeralds and feel great about knowing that you were able to treat yourself to precious gems without paying a precious price. Top-quality 50 carat emerald bracelet found on Rodeo Drive or 5th Avenue could cost well over $100,000� but not from Stauer. Wear and admire the exquisite Stauer Carnaval Faceted Emerald Bracelet for 60 days. If for any reason you are not dancing the Samba with pure satisfaction after receiving your faceted emerald bracelet, simply return them to us for a full refund of the purchase price. But were confident that when you examine this stunning jewelry, youll be reminded of the raw beauty of the Amazon rain forests mixed with the flash and dazzle of the exotic Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro. Order today! This cache of genuine emeralds is extremely limited.