Caribbean Larimar Ring $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
The soul of the sea and sky Rare blue gem found only one place on Earth! The only place in the world where you can find larimar is deep inside a dormant volcano in the remote jungles of the Dominican Republic. Born deep in the Earth from unimaginable volcanic pressures, the cool blue of larimar captures the essence of both the sky and the sea. But such is the beauty of Larimar, a stone that natives, living at the foot of the Bahoruco River, once thought were jewels born of the endless ocean. Our Caribbean Larimar Ring features cool blue cabochons in .925 sterling silver, surrounded by a halo of glittering, lab-created DiamondAura� rounds. With the gemstone’s swirling blues and wisps of white, larimar captures the magnificence of the sea and sky for a truly heavenly price.