Cabo Aquamarine Necklace $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Neptune surrenders! Rare aquamarine treasure found in rough Spanish surf � 200 carats washes ashore just for you! We sat together watching the waves smash themselves on the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Gata. Surges of blue-green water and churning white foam. One wave after another, crashing to a rhythm that was powerful yet soothing. If only there was some way to capture a piece of those moments… As it just so happens, there is a way and much like those magnificent waves off the Spanish coast, all credit goes to Mother Nature. Our Cabo Aquamarine Necklace is a dramatic, double-stranded showcase of 200 carats of aquamarine. When you wear it, you can almost hear the surf and smell salt in the air. Named for the Latin words for “;water of the sea,”; aquamarine shines with all the colors of the ocean. In ancient times it was known as “;The Sailor’s Stone,”; worn by seaman as a talisman for safe travels. In scientific terms, these aquamarine ovals are geological cousins to precious emeralds. Both are “;born”; colorless underground until something sparks a change. Added minerals turn one vivid green while the other becomes a brilliant baby blue. Walk into the most exclusive retail jewelers and you’ll find aquamarine in a place of honor. Fifth Avenue thinks nothing of offering a strand of aquamarine “;pebbles”; for $12,000. But with a color this captivating, you deserve more than just a splash. Only Stauer can bring this much “;Mermaid Treasure”; to the surface for such a remarkable price!