Blue Lola Bracelet $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $79
Can you keep a secret? You dont need a smoky room and a spotlight to take center stage when youre wearing the Blue Lola Bracelet Smoke swirls around the dark speakeasy as you’re led to a cocktail table down front � only the swankiest table for the swankiest customer. Drinks are served, and as you take the first sip of your martini, the lights go down. You hear the tinkle of ice in glasses from all across the room, quiet laughter and the strum of a finger across a bass. Then a spotlight snaps on, and a torch singer � long, dark hair flowing down her shoulders, royal blue dress cut high on her thigh � turns to the audience, and her voice echoes like sweet birds singing to the sky. On her wrist is a glittering bracelet of blue and gold, flashing like icy fire. You can’t take your eyes off of it. It’s 1923. You’re at the Copa Coda, a secret nightclub in the city; and the singer doesn’t have a name. They call her Blue Lola, and her voice is so strong and so clean that it reverberates somewhere down deep in your soul. Is this a bathtub gin illusion? A dream? No � the light dancing off Blue Lola’s jewelry is real. Our Blue Lola Bracelet captures the allure of Jazz Age luxury with exquisite fashion jewelry that sparkles with the look of priceless gems. The play of the light on the electric blue rounds and European crystals tease like the promise of untold millions tucked away in Al Capone’s vault. But these beauties aren’t a secret any longer, and at this unbelievable price, it’s never been easier to unleash a little blue mystery of your own.