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Whats 500 million years longer than forever? Diamonds may be forever, but Stauer has found a stone thats been around 500 million years longer. I once asked a wise old lady to tell me the secret to age and beauty. Travel to Ratanakiri, she whispered in response. There youll see that the oldest thing on earth can also be the most beautiful. Intrigued, I took a plane to literally the ends of the earth, took a car to the outskirts of town, then a motorbike deep into the jungle. Half a days hike later, I discovered what she meant�the clearest and brightest blue hyacinth stones Ive ever laid eyes on. Ancient deposits of blue hyacinth have been dated back 4.4 billion years, but now I know that the rarest and most beautiful blue hyacinths are found in Ratanikiri and Im excited to share them with you in the Blue Hyacinth Pendant. Eighteen brilliant blue hyacinth rounds, weighing a stunning 7 �-carats total weight, set in gold-finished sterling silver. Due to hyacinths double refraction properties, you can see twice as many facets and twice as much fire. Thanks to some sage advice, we can offer the Blue Hyacinth Pendant for this exclusive Stauer price! But, as the rest of the world learns about Ratanikiris rare hyacinth deposits, the availability of such perfect ancient blue hyacinth is going to drop dramatically. And once its gone, well have to wait another few billion years before we see its like again. Add the matching 18″ Gold-vermeil Rope Chain!