Blue Arrow Necklace $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
350 carats of cant-miss The Blue Arrow necklace hits the target, giving you the casual and elegant turquoise look. In frontier times, the Apache people of the Southwest were famed and feared for their incredible skill with a bow and arrow. An Apache’s aim was always on point. This impressive accuracy was earned through dedicated practice, but the Apache also believe that wearing their iconic blue-green stones steadied the hand, granted a little extra luck and imbued the wearer with added confidence when pulling back the bow and releasing an arrow. The Stauer Arrow Necklace is equally on point and designed to deliver added confidence in any setting. This Arrow Necklace offers an incredible 350-carats of that same turquoise look the Apache put their faith in. The undeniable glamour of this statement necklace comes from its rugged natural beauty, making it equally ideal for a formal affair where you want to stand out or a laid back gathering where you want to unwind. This much blue-green beauty can be prohibitively expensive, but the Stauer Arrow gives you the striking look of the legendary blue-green stone for this exclusive price. We’re not promising that you’ll suddenly start winning archery competitions, but don’t be surprised if the relaxed luxury of the 350-carats Blue Arrow Necklace imbues you with extra confidence.