Berzelian 3 Stone Sterling Silver $780

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $780
This is what YES looks like If you want to impress her, diamonds are SO last century. For the first time something altogether finer and more brilliant than a diamond exists. And it started in a galaxy far away… She is the one. Completely unique. So why stick with something as mundane as an ordinary diamond? She deserves better. Much better. In order to find something for her you need to consult the moon and stars and it is there that you will find Berzelian . What is Berzelian? In 1893, one French scientist Henri Moissan discovered a 50,000-year-old meteorite in the Arizona desert. Inside he found traces of a substance never before found on our planet. The rare crystal was simply stunning, but there was barely enough to make a single pair of earrings. Earths entire supply fit in the palm of his hand. After decades of gemological research´┐Żusing techniques pioneered by Jons Jacob Berzelius´┐Żbrilliant jewelers finally synthesized and cut this rare mineral from the stars. They perfected the science of romance. There is only a single laboratory in the United States that has the rights and ability to create this scarce treasure. But the process is not fast. Its not cheap. And global production is limited to the efforts of a small group of scientists and craftsmen who have patented rights to this one-of-kind process. In fact, there is so little Berzelian in the world that it is over 10,000 times scarcer than diamonds. A handful of carats, but what a fire. The optical characteristics of Berzelian create a blazing rainbow effect that just leaves a diamond looking dull and lifeless. The way the light dances inside the Berzelian is something to behold. In gemological terms, its double refractive and you have never seen anything quite so mesmerizing. The color and clarity are rivaled by only a handful of diamonds that would sell for $15,000 a carat or more. Since the stone prices are not controlled by a foreign cartel, you can actually afford a Berzelian of one carat or more. In life, there are certain questions that only have one right answer. Do you love me? Will you marry me? Can you forgive me? If you want to get it, youre going to need something more extraordinary than expected. You need daring and different. You need Berzelian. An exclusive invitation. Today, the purveyors of Berzelian invite you to experience the future of romance with a truly remarkable introductory offer. You could spend 10 times as much for a diamond of similar clarity and it would still be visually inferior to the Berzelian!