Beretta Generation I I Forest Jacket $399

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Beretta Generation I I Forest Jacket - W6625
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $399
Nature is tough… but this jacket is tougher When it comes to comfort and climate-control, the classic Beretta Gen II has no natural predators This is the jacket that other jackets want to be when they grow up. Beretta’s Generation II Forest Jacket was built by outdoor professionals who craved the kind of coat that could hold its own against Mother Nature. After testing the Gen II in the field, we can attest that it not only laughs in the face of cold, wind and rain, but it feels as ridiculously comfortable as your favorite old college sweatshirt. The secret is the superbly soft (and super silent) microfiber, shaped to give your arms full freedom of movement. That freedom is important because you never know when you’ll have to rappel down a rocky cliff, fell a tree to cross the river or wrestle a cranky bear into submission. Sudden storms are no match for the waterproof GORE-TEX� liner and the Ecodown Thermore� insulation, and there’s even a zip-in emergency rain hood. The Gen II gives you layers of superior protection without feeling stiff and heavy. If you’re a hunter or a hiker, you’re already comfortable outdoors. Slip into the Beretta Gen II and you may just think twice about coming back to civilization.