Bequia Bead Clutch $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $79
A clutch with a view You cant just wake up. Throwing back the covers and bounding out onto the balcony is dangerous. Better to take it slow. Open your eyes one at a time. Let the white linen curtains catch some of that sunshine before you whisk them aside. Brew your first cup of coffee and step out only when youre good and ready. Because out there is the full-blown splendor of a Caribbean morning. White clouds on a perfect blue sky. Teal and turquoise water. If you want the sensation to last forever, youre going to need this clutch. Our Bequia Bead Clutch is a jackpot of Caribbean color, captured eloquently in cascading polished glass beads. Each handpicked bead glitters like a gemstone and creates a spectacular mosaic. Teal beads alternate with translucent golds, greens, violets and blues. The Bequias timeless design combines the look of ancient beaded luxury with the breezy, modern feel of a tropical getaway. Youll find its the perfect accessory for barefoot afternoons in paradise or high-heeled nights in the city. Pair it with the Bequia Beaded Necklace and the sensation of a perfect Caribbean morning is guaranteed to follow you everywhere.