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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $99
How to wear 2,000 years of expertise When I learned that Stauer needed some expertly crafted golden designs for the new catalog, I didn’t even need to check my map. I immediately booked a flight to Arezzo, a small city in Tuscany, filled with picturesque piazzas, Old World charm, and the finest goldsmiths in the entire world. The people of Arezzo have been inventing and mastering ways to work with gold for more than 2,000 years, passing down skills from generation to generation, always striving to refine their craft and stay ahead of the competition. The Aretini are a masterful people and I’m proud to share three example of their work on this page. The Bellissimo Earrings showcase the very best in Arezzo design. The Belissimo Earrings come in a swirling flourish of style that can only be accomplished by generations of Arezzo expertise. The Bellissimo Collection is a look that high-end retailers will happily charge high-end prices for, prices they need to charge once their real estate and middleman costs have been accounted for. Happily, the only real estate in my deal was the modest Arezzo bed and breakfast I stayed in, and the only middleman was the airline pilot who made a nice clean landing in Arezzo, which is why we can offer the entire set for this exclusive Stauer price. There’s no question that these Old Word traditions and designs are worth investing in, but no one said that buying the best means you have to pay the most.