Bavarian Rose Quartz Earrings $49

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Love stones of the Mad King History’s most passionate pink makes a fairytale comeback with our Bavarian Rose Collection! In 19th-century Bavaria, “;Mad”; King Ludwig had an eccentric sense of style that was more kooky than crazy. He once said, “;I wish to remain an eternal enigma to myself and others.”; Thanks to his bizarre interior decorating taste and a pair of custom- built fairy tale castles, he succeeded. He’s also the man responsible for making rose quartz such a popular stone. One of Ludwig’s favorite architectural accents was the magnificent rose quartz mined in nearby Zweisel. He used the blush-colored gem in castle windows to make sure that he always saw life from his “;uniquely colored perspective.”; We’ve captured the king’s favorite gem in our Bavarian Rose Collection, featuring beautiful rose quartz earrings with stunning, sparkling stones. These lush, 25-carat earrings are 1 �” in length with gold-finished French hooks that showcase the rosy gem that’s said to be imbued with “;love energy,”; bestowing love, compassion and the willingness to forgive upon the wearer. This is a classic stone in a magnificent collection designed for distinguished (and exceptional) tastes. You won’t just love our love stones… you’ll go mad for them.