Balinesian Artisan Crafted Sapphire Ring $99

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Giant gemstones found in paradise SIZE 5 ONLY Huge 5-1/2 carat sapphire set in South Pacific silver. If the hardworking and talented artists of Bali and the South Pacific know anything, it’s visual impact. Just ask the 1814 Dutch expedition that macheted its way through the thick, green jungles of this tropical Garden of Eden. They were looking for a mythical mountain, but instead the search party found a massive relic packed with thousands of sculptures, statues and artistic treasures. What they found was Borobudur, an ancient temple and the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Needless to say, they were shocked and pleasantly surprised. The story of our Balinesian Artisan collection isn’t so different. We started our adventure to find new jewelry, but quickly found an embarrassment of riches hidden in every corner of the South Pacific paradise. Each of these stunning pieces requires intense work behind every detail. These plus-sized gemstones are surrounded by the traditional, ornate silverwork that keeps Bali one of the most exciting jewelry centers on the planet. At the heart of each ring you’ll find an impressive 5-1/2 carat natural sapphire (stones are color-enhanced to highlight the deepest hues). The faceted cabochons are bezel set and each ring features the finest .925 sterling silver filigree and granulation work, a hallmark of Bali for hundreds of years. In the corner of each piece, you’ll find a 18K gold-decorated orb that adds an extra layer of luster. The closer you look at this beautiful ring, the more you discover that for the silver craftsmen of Bali… the deity is in the details.