Azzurro Murano Glass Earrings $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $99
Bragworthy blues There was a simple way for art patrons in 16th century Venice to show off their wealth: ask for more blue. At the time, there was no finer or more expensive paint color than ultramarine. If you wanted to brag about your bank account, you commissioned an artist to fill a canvas full of clear, cloudless sky or a portrait of the Virgin Mary draped in blue robes (representing holiness and humility). Our Azzurro Murano Glass lets you indulge in genuine Italian blue luxury, without having to spend a nobleman’s fortune. This elegantly modern design incorporates glassmaking techniques handed down through generations. Each piece of translucent blue (azzurro in Italian) glass was handcrafted in Venice. We’ve brought them halfway around the world to please our most important patron: you.