Azzurro Murano Bracelet & Earrings Set $199

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Azzurro Murano Bracelet & Earrings Set - 23984
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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Greetings from Venice Meet the stunning, handmade Italian bracelet and earrings that stretched across an ocean to keep one couple connected Dearest Emily, My time in Italy has been grand. Im glad for the experience. But I cannot wait to be in your arms again, to be back in Virginia with you in the comfort of our little farmhouse. Yesterday I crossed the Bridge of Sighs, sighing myself that you were not walking with me. Last night as I sat among the revelers at the famous Hemingway hotspot Harrys Bar, all I could think about was how I wished you were here. A gondola ride was not meant for one. But Ill return to you soon. And Im coming home with a gift… I knew little about art before my departure. But here, it is part of everyones lives. My favorite has been the creations of the masters of Murano. On that tiny island, little has changed in hundreds of years. The artisans still craft works of immeasurable beauty in front of furnaces that burn like the sun. They twist and shape molten glass with grace and ease. I want to share the beauty with you. The least I can do is bring you home one of their amazing works of art. In a few weeks, when I arrive home, I will slip a beautiful blue bracelet around your wrist and decorate your ears with these amazing earrings. When you wear them, I hope theyll remind you of our time apart´┐Żbecause I missed you more than you can imagine´┐Ż and I promise that I will never be gone so long ever again. With love, Your Stephen