Augusta Egg Necklace $39

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Most romantic gift in history? It was supposed to be just “;a little something”; from the Czar to his bride to mark the Easter holiday. But the royal jeweler took his majesty’s gift idea and created one of the most iconic luxury objects of all time. More than 129 years after the first Imperial Egg was revealed, the world is still smitten by the master artisan’s creations. Those legendary bejeweled eggs represent the epitome of fine craftsmanship, exclusivity and divine beauty. How is every other man supposed to compete with a gift like that? Collectors spend a lifetime searching for one of the rare missing originals. Today, the company started by the original “;egg genius”; continues to sell replicas, revisions and reinventions of those incredible, indelible eggs. Of course, if you’d like to join this exclusive club, you could wait for the next auction (the last original sold for $32 million). You could visit their boutiques in London, Dubai or Geneva and pick up a sparkling diamond egg pendant for $17,419. Or you can save yourself a fortune and start slowly� and sweetly � with our Augusta Egg Necklace, a dollop of crystal-studded decadence designed for the most important Empress of all time… yours.