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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The Mighty Amethyst Conqueror strikes again I got a message from Jim. Hes been on a quest for the best amethyst on the planet. The purple stone has been coveted for centuries and thanks to its seductive violet sparkle, it hasnt lost any of its charm. After months on the trail, he finally had an update… Greetings from the other side of the world. Once again, Ive left a trail of dirty boot prints and broken hearts through South America, Africa and Asia in search of the best amethyst on Earth. Brazil was blast, but remind me to skip Russia next time. Hiking the Urals in search of druzy amethyst is fine´┐Ż if youre part Yeti. Things got better in India. Lots of dealers with some truly stunning gems. I can understand why the Mughal empire was so crazy about the stuff. By the time I got to southern Africa I was bushed (pun intended), so I checked into a lovely resort near Victoria Falls. My pit stop in paradise didnt last long. After my man in Lusaka called, I spent a punishing 7-hour drive followed by two days on my hands and knees deep into the side of a mountain. But I found so much good stuff, they took to calling me The Amethyst Whisperer. Of course, Id prefer The Mighty Amethyst Conqueror, but I didnt complain. I sent you a package. Think of it as a greatest hits compilation from my travels. Ill sure youll find a way to turn these rough beauties into something utterly stunning. You have a knack for that. In the meantime, Im going to sleep for about a week. See you when I see you. We transformed that rough into stunning earrings of grand proportions. These Atlas Earrings dazzle with faceted amethyst beads and gold-finished spacers. Hand-picked from the finest amethyst on Earth. Ready for your next luxury adventure!