Artesia Amethyst Necklace $129

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Artesia Amethyst Necklace - 24185
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $495
The amethyst jewelry offer you’ve been waiting for Where else can you get a genuine amethyst necklace for a genuinely low price? Nowhere but Stauer. This necklace deal is the real thing. You cant find it on Fifth Avenue. Motoring up and down Rodeo Drive would just be a waste of gas. If you go looking for this kind of deal in any store, bring a big bag lunch, because youll be in for a long, long wait. The only place you find the Artesia Amethyst Necklace at this low price, right here at Stauer. The allure of a “purple emerald.” The Artesia Amethyst Necklace sparkles with a huge, 8 1⁄3 carat translucent genuine gemstone, in rose gold-finished sterling silver. The necklace’s brilliance is heightened by the choice of an emerald-cut, a rectangular step design with long, horizontal facets. Diamonds are sometimes cut this way, but a beautiful colored gemstone really set these angles on fire. The long prismatic shapes ignite the bright violets and soft purples deep inside the amethyst. Even the shoulders shine with constellations of white lab-created DiamondAura� rounds and bezel-set amethyst squares. With the Artesia Amethyst Necklace, your wait for luxury jewelry is over.