Aragonite Blush Bracelet $49

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How to make a seashell blush Aragonite isn’t very often seen, except in the gorgeous pinkish coral linings of seashells and in the opalescence sheen of many sea creatures’ shell structures. The pearlization and iridescent colors in seashells such as Abalone and Mother of Pearl are made possible by several minute layers of aragonite. Aragonite can also take credit for natural pearls as pearls are mostly formed by aragonite which bonds with conchiolin, a process that takes 7 years to complete. Why should seashells and oysters get all the glory? We think the translucent beauty of this natural phenomenon deserves to be celebrated. So we’ve brought you our Aragonite Blush Bracelet. 120 carats of slim oval-cut aragonite in ethereal pink tones, masterfully smoothed down, and spaced apart with intricate light green beads. Sorry conch shell and abalone, you can’t have all the fun. It’s time to let everyone else in on aragonite’s secret.