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How to capture the beauty of the longest river in the world 170 carats of exotic blue Aquaria stones capture the flowing, cascading waters of the Nile River. I was standing on the shores of Lake Tana in Ethiopia, the source for most of the River Nile. The rushing of the Blue Niles Fall’s water, pounding down into the lake below, was calming. I shut my eyes and took it in. Stuck as an afterimage on my mind’s eye, was the waterfall itself descending with power � but also elegance � into the sacred river below. I could understand why some Ethiopians viewed it as flowing from the Garden of Eden itself. The ancient holiday Wafaa El-Nil, a two-week holiday to celebrate the river itself, was about to start in mere days; the Egyptians have festivals to honor the annual flooding of the River � flooding that brings water and nourishment to the Land � that comes, according to legend, from the tears of the goddess Isis mourning her dead husband Osiris. How could I possibly replicate this grace, beauty, and power as a piece of jewelry? The answer: The Aquaria Nile Cascade Bracelet. Frosted and clear artisan aquaria stones cast in a blue hue both dangle from a golden chain, a stream of gemstone waterfalls cascade down the wearer’s collarbone. Dark blue veins run through and accentuate the crystalline form. I consulted with the finest artisans on both ends of the Nile to make sure the Aquaria Nile fully honors the sacred river and all the legends that surround it. You don’t need to track this down and barter over it in a crowded marketplace outside Lake Tana, and you definitely don’t need to go on an expedition to find it: I’m bringing you this celebration of the Nile River exclusively from Stauer!