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Go big or go to the museum 22 carats of aquamarine � Inspired by the worlds biggest and best. If you visit the gem collection in our nation’s capital, you’ll see the single biggest aquamarine stone in the entire world. The Dom Pedro, named for two former rulers of Brazil, is a stunning 10,363- carat obelisk of aquamarine standing 13.75-inches tall. This marvel didn’t happen by accident, it required one man to put his life on hold. After the stone’s discovery in Brazil in the late 1980s, it took master gem artist Bernd Musteiner an entire year of studying, cutting, faceting and polishing to turn the rough stone into the magnificent gem that now sits behind glass in Washington, D.C. Sadly, we can’t sell you the Dom Pedro � we can only recommend you go see it for yourself. But, inspired by Musteiner’s dedication and patience, we’ve searched the world to find something almost as impressive. The Aquamarine Gallery Pendant & Chain is a glorious 22 carats of natural aquamarine, blessed with the same luxurious luminescent blue-green color that Musteiner dropped everything to work on. Don’t be surprised if people start lining up to take a look at the special stone around your neck.