Aphrodisia Garnet Set $597

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $597
HUGE mistake that saved a marriage Be the hero with our 400-total carat Aphrodisia Garnet Collection Yes, this is a beautiful garnet collection. And yes, we have an utterly astounding deal to offer you. But first, you really need to hear this story about a guy I know… let’s call him Bob. Now, Bob is a swell guy. He loves his wife, Carol (not her real name). But one Thursday not too long ago, Bob came home from a long day at work. At first, Carol was happy to see her husband. But as he clicked on the television and flopped onto the couch, her mood turned. When Bob asked about dinner, she snapped at him. Bob snapped back, “Why are you angry? I didnt DO anything!” Carol glared and said, “Exactly.”Thats when he realized it was his anniversary. Nice one, Bob. You dont want to be like Bob. But then again, maybe you do. You see, Bob made that mistake exactly once. He never made it again. The very next day, Bob got in touch with us and asked for a gift guaranteed to get him out the doghouse. “Anything in particular?” our sales rep asked. “The more carats, the better,” Bob said. We were happy to oblige. If you need to make an impression, you cant get much more dramatic than these massive, 400 total carat weight Aphrodisia Garnet Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings. Its a jackpot of beautifully polished, genuine gemstones that delivers a lavish, luxurious look. Youre welcome to shop around, but I promise that nobody else will give you this collection, at this price. The Stauer price! Learn from Bob and never take a good deal for granted!